Employee Training Programs

  In today's turbulent economic environment, a company's workforce is increasingly pivotal to business success. A workforce that is flexible to changing conditions and skilled to meet the demands of advancing technologies can make the difference between success and failure.  

Our employee training programs and learning services help to build a flexible and talented workforce to meet our business challenges. A wide range of training resources and opportunities are accessible to every sysveda employee.

Our employee development programmes cut across all levels and are designed keeping in mind the organisation's strategic objectives. We have a process of revisiting our people strategy and we constantly align people strategy with our business strategy. We also make appropriate modifications in our development programmes to provide our employees the best of the developmental opportunities.

Some of the developmental programmes which have proved to be extremely rewarding for our employees and organisation are:


Language training

Sysveda also has a Foreign Language Initiatives group which focuses on cultural integration and language training. Some examples are cultural workshops, Japanese-language teaching programme for its employees.

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Technology training

Technology training in the latest technology and software packages. Our partnerships with software leaders provide employees with the opportunity to experiment with beta versions, access training courses and expand their technical skill base. Our in-house training programs provide many courses in technology training.

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