Software Quality Assurance

 We have as many testers as we have developers. And testers spend all their time testing, and developers spend half their time testing. We're more of a testing, a quality software organization than we're a software organization.

- Bill Gates


SVQMS (Sysveda Quality Management System) includes a comprehensive approach to transform customer requirements to finished product. We achieve quality management system with our defined process and utilizing resources in the most efficient way.

We plan, measure and analyse the process needed to demonstrate conformity to product requirements, ensure quality management system and continual improvement for the effectiveness of the quality management system.


Project Management

Centralizes management and control of projects to ensure that they successfully achieve strategic business objectives. We identify and analyze all projects and prioritize them for effectiveness and return on investment.

SVQMS standardized project management process includes,

Project Management

Monitoring and Control

Our monitoring and controlling process oversees all the tasks and metrics to ensure project is within scope, on time and on budget so that the project proceeds with minimal or no risk.

SVQMS emphasis on project monitoring and control using various audits at defined periodic intervals including,

  • Internal Quality Audit
  • Process Audit
  • Configuration Audit
  • Work Product Audit
  • Project Closure Audit

Project Tracking

Our project tracking methods for managing projects includes measuring and reporting the status of milestones, tasks and activities required in achieving the pre-defined project results.

  • Project Progress and Effort Tracking
  • Resource Utilizations as per plan and estimation
  • Variance in Effort and Schedule
  • Defect Aging and Status Report
  • Review Effectiveness
  • Project Wise - Non Conformance
  • Effort Distribution - Resource Wise
Project Tracking

Release Process

SVQMS Release management process intended to oversee the development, testing, deployment and support of software releases. Well defined process including work product audits, coding standards and test results to confirm software quality, requirement traceability matrix, Software Release Note (SRN) etc. to ensure the quality of released product.