For most organizations today, waiting to create a migration strategy is not a viable option. Current business and IT challenges outdated IT systems and changing business processes-requires proactive resolution.

Today's organizations are faced with many challenges in their business environments. Legacy, outdated information technology (IT) systems and changing business processes, lack of wider data access, shortage of skills, high cost of maintenance and unreliability. Couple this with continually changing technologies, and organizations are faced with the need to assess these new technologies and adapt their infrastructures and applications to leverage those technologies.

We bring our proven processes, technology expertise and tools together to reengineer your software applications to various modern technologies like J2EE, .net, Big Data etc.


Sysveda recognizes the older IT systems-legacy systems such as mainframes and COBOL-based software are difficult to integrate with newer technologies. Complex mainframe applications are unable to keep pace with, and respond to, today's dynamic business demands.



Sysveda migration expertise sets the stage as a beneficial opportunity to move old mission-critical applications into the 21st century and resolve these issues.

Migration enhances and protects business investments: We enhance and protect the long-term investment in an organization's software infrastructure and effectively reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Migration improves applications: Our business systems and leverages application use, offering opportunities those current and future technologies provide.


What Can Be Migrated

Our migration process can be instituted across the range of technology classes, including the following


Migration Strategies

Sysveda's migration strategies includes

Migration Roadmap

We provide a comprehensive migration roadmap to identifying key elements for a successful migration delivery.

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Best Practice Checklist

Sysveda migration best practice checklist below provides an at-a-glance overview of the steps required to launch and drive a migration initiative.

Our Checklist Encompasses: