Engagement Model

  Tailored made onsite/offshore IT engagement model as per client business requirement, Pricing models and IT Contingent Staffing for project success.  

Fitness to purpose is the core driver for us to decide the best suited engagement model for our customers. Realizing the need for flexibility and agility, we modulate the engagement model based on the nature of the project, our role, team size, locations, etc.

Tailored made onsite/offshore model as per client business requirement includes
  • Off-Shore Model (Highly Cost Effective).
  • On-Site and Off-Shore Model (Combined).
  • On-Site Model.
  • Global Delivery Model.
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Onsite and offsite Engagement for Strategy & Deployment
For projects that require very high interaction with client stakeholders, we recommend our tailor made strategy and deployment engagements model. We strategically place onsite and offsite resources for the duration of the project or the phase.
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Blended onsite/offshore engagement model for application build outs
Application development can be managed well with our blended engagement model bringing down the cost and still reducing the risk profile of the projects. With this models we can tailor made to have 10-30% of the team at onsite and the rest at our offshore performing under the guidance of the onsite team.
Complete offshore model for low-touch engagements
For projects with very clear requirements definitions in the form of systems specifications, it is possible to use a full offshore development model. The Offshore PMO communicates with the client directly from offshore.
Staff Augmentation and Contingent Workforce
Technology initiatives can warrant the need for short or long term skills which might not exist within a customer's current environment. Sysveda participates closely with customers for staff augmentation and contingent workforce management to fill customer needs for IT staff and workforce with the right skills.

Pricing Model

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